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Welcome To The New TTP Website!

With everyone being connected now, thru the various social media outlets, we decided to update our site to make it as easy as possible keep up with all the TTP activities.

We’ve included links for all the major sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…) cause we REALLY want you to be our friend, follow, tweet and view us!

So click around and let us know what you think. We’re still working out bugs so let us know if ya find something we’ve missed.

Introducing TTP's Newest Member; Joni Gray Finkle!

TTP’s longtime back up singer, Mandi Burke, had been doing double duty for quite some time. Not only was she singing for TTP, she was also fulfilling her dream of being a singer/songwriter in her own band “Wheel House”. A few months ago, she began pursuing “Wheel House” full time. While we were sad to see her go, we are excited about her future endeavors. “Wheel House” has just finished recording their debut CD and it should be available soon!

Before she left, Mandi had mentioned to a friend that she was leaving and that we would be looking for a new singer.

Well…..that friend said he had a friend that was looking for a band and the next thing ya know Mandi had found her own replacement!

Joni Gray Finkle was the first person we auditioned and we knew right away that it was right. Not only does she have a great voice but she has the right sense of humor and thick skin required to hold her own against the guys in the band….and that’s saying A LOT!

Joni and Doreen sing so well together, you’d think they’ve been doing it forever. She not only had all the Bob Seger songs learned and ready in record time (including “Get Out Of Denver”), she also started tackling all the Southern Rock tunes as well. We are very blessed and honored to have Joni as part of the TTP Family!

TTP Fans Help With Latest TTP Promo Video

With all the changes going on the band, the time had come for us to update our Promo materials. We told Bart that he was going to have to pay for everything since it was mainly his fault….After he cut his hair, everyone thinks we got a new drummer!

So… we needed to make a new video featuring Joni and Bart’s new hair!

The good people at Sam Ash Music (Cerritos) donated their stage for us to shoot the video. We then sent out a call to all our friends and fans on Facebook to help us out and they came out in force!

The video is now off being edited and I can’t wait to see the final product. Thanks to everyone that came out, Y’all are the BEST!